How to get quicktime 7 working under wine

I assume you have windows xp, qt7 and cygwin.
ehsmeng@menglap /cygdrive/c
$ pwd

ehsmeng@menglap /cygdrive/c
$ tar -cvf apa.tar Program\ Files/QuickTime Documents\ and\ Settings/All\ Users/Application\ Data/Apple\ Computer/QuickTime
You should uncompress this file at the root of your wine's c:
[ehsmeng@monkey ~]$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/
[ehsmeng@monkey drive_c]$ unzip ~/apa.tar
Now it's time to fix the registry. Download/upload this file to server and execute it:
[ehsmeng@monkey ~]$ wine regedit qt7.reg
If things do not work, set variable WINEDEBUG=warn+all before running wine.

This is work in progress. See this as my notes or something. If you have suggestions, please mail them to me at marcus(at) this domain.

If you're fine with qt 6.5, you can try the qt4linux installation script.