Stuff by Marcus Engene (

A vector cube in javascript using canvas tag (ff 1.5).

A "rubber" vector cube in javascript using canvas tag (ff 1.5).

unlimited bobs in javascript using canvas tag (ff 1.5).

Other canvas experiments. test, test2 In these I made a js class in which I have drawing functions. When drawing is done, there is a function to convert the image to a base64 encoded bmp. Therefore it's possible to have dynamic content on a page w/o canvas. Here I take the image and stick it on a canvas.

I needed a program to test memory on a server I had no access to. Therefore the excellent memtest was of no use. Instead I did this little program. I hope you might find it useful.

Small performance test of php oci8 using and not using bind variables. Oracle


How to define strings in Javascript without having validators go mad.

Use YUI instead.
I'm playing a bit with creating a small widget set in javascript using floating <p /> with a syntax that looks something like a distant relative to wxWidgets which I like. Lacking a better name I call it mengwin.

How to get quicktime 7 (qt7) somewhat working under wine.

Christian and Hanna's roadtrip.